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  • RGA Tech Park - 6 min drivetime*RGA Tech Park - 6 min drivetime*
  • RMZ Eco Space - 15 min drivetime*RMZ Eco Space - 15 min drivetime*
  • Sarjapur Social - 10 min drivetime*Sarjapur Social - 10 min drivetime*
  • Central Mall Bellandur- 14 min drivetime*Central Mall Bellandur- 14 min drivetime*
  • Motherhood Hospital - 11 min drivetime*Motherhood Hospital - 11 min drivetime*
  • Manipal Hospital- 19 min drivetime*Manipal Hospital- 19 min drivetime*
  • DPS East- 8 min drivetime*DPS East- 8 min drivetime*
Source: Google Maps


*Information on location is based on Micro Market study (Google Search) and survey conducted, Recipients are advised to refer to the Google Map and Location link for the accurate location of the Site.Travel time shown are based on Google Map sources, approximate time taken may vary basis traffic conditions. All information provided hereunder are reference purpose only. T&C Apply
*Drive time refers to the time taken to travel by a car basis normal traffic conditions during non-peak hour as per Google maps.